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Product Design



My Role

UX Designer & Researcher
DesignLab Student

The app for movie lovers.

Popcorn provides people with a convenient tool to search and view details about any movie, create custom shareable watchlists, and rate and recommend movies to share with friends through their in-app profile.

Though extensive movie databases already exist, Popcorn provides a more user-centric approach to their app, adding features that make it delightful for people to use, such as a movie roulette feature.

  • Design Popcorn’s end-to-end app experience in iOS, allowing users to search for and select movies
    with ease, create custom watchlists, and rate and recommend movies to share with friends.
  • Design the brand identity for Popcorn, focusing on creating an entertainment brand that is fun, playful, and promotes connection.
  • Design a feature that differentiates Popcorn from it’s competitors and keeps our users engaged.



In order to successfully launch this new product, I needed to understand the goals and pain points of our users, and what their habits are when it comes to movie selection. To do this, I defined a few key questions to focus my research on.

  • Who are our customers?
  • What do our customers expect during their movie searching experience?
  • What pain points do our customers have when it comes to searching for movies?
  • How can we make searching for movies more enjoyable?

Through a competitive analysis and 1-on-1 interviews with 4 participants, I found that our users are looking for clear recommendations based on their mood and interests. They are overwhelmed by the amount of choices and streaming services available, causing frustration when it comes to finding the right movie on a service that they currently subscribe to.


Based on my initial research, I identified opportunities that would make the Popcorn app stand out and give our users everything they want and need in a movie database app.

User personas were defined, outlining their demographics and motivations, as well as their goals, needs, fears, and frustrations. Using the personas, I created a product roadmap and sitemap for the app to prepare for the ideation stage.



To prepare for the design of Popcorn’s app, I began by creating a user flow, incorporating the priority features determined in the product roadmap. I then created wireframe sketches to get an idea of how the features will look and flow in the app.

For the branding, I put together a moodboard, pulling inspiration for the logo, colors, fonts, and the interface of the app itself.



Using the user flow and wireframe sketches, I designed low-fidelity wireframe screens. I then created a brand identity for Popcorn and expanded on the low-fidelity screens, implementing the brand elements to create high-fidelity screens, which would be used for the prototype and testing of the app.



I conducted usability testing on 20 designed screens. Users were given 2 specific tasks to complete around creating a watchlist and using the movie roulette to select a movie. They were encouraged to think out loud during their process, and their observations and emotions were documented.

Overall the feedback was very positive, with the users being able to complete the tasks and navigate the app with ease.

I compared my results using an affinity map and identified a few action items, mostly focused on the popularity of the movie roulette feature. Because our users had such a strong connection to the movie roulette feature, it was given more prominence and added to the main navigation of the app.

Next Steps

Iterations and edits were made to the existing screens to better suit our user’s needs. Because the overall feedback from the usability testing was good, and our users were able to complete each task with ease, the designs are now ready to be passed off to the Development team for implementation. The analytics will be monitored for future iterations as more data becomes available.